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Food Service Made Easy

We offer a wide variety of efficient and consistent food service products that deliver on value and taste for the customer and profit for the retailer.

Your C-Store needs Food service

Increase Revenue

2023 Nielson reports have shown that C-stores that provide food service have a 20% increase in revenue over those without food service.

Delight Your Customers

C-store customers are now looking for quick meal options every time of day, make sure you’re a regular stop!

Support Made Simple

General Mills provides all the resources you need; from award winning recipes to quality products delivered to you.

Food Service Made Easier

Check the General Mills Food Service Website for additional product offerings, insights, and resources.

Our #1 Selling Biscuit

Pillsbury™ Frozen Biscuit Dough Easy Split™ Southern Style 3.17oz

Pre-portioned, Southern Style biscuit dough in an easy freezer-to-oven format from Pillsbury™. Formulated to produce light and fluffy 3.17 oz easy split biscuits with rich, buttery flavor. Great for sweet and savory uses.

Our #1 Selling Croissant

Pillsbury™ Baked Croissant Plain Pinched Sliced 2 oz

Pinched and sliced croissants offered in a thaw and serve format, making back-of-house preparation minimal. Made with a sweet, dairy flavor and buttery notes. Multiple layers of tender dough deliver a flaky crust.

Our #1 Selling Sandwich Carrier

Pillsbury™ Stuffed Waffle, Sausage Egg & Cheese

Sausage, egg, and cheese sauce sealed inside a sweet waffle with consumer packaging and multiple prep options to fit most all operations. Pillsbury's high-quality ingredients provide superior taste in a convenient, grab and go format for busy patrons.

Our #1 Selling Waffle Carrier

Pillsbury™ Thaw and Serve Belgian Style Waffle Carrier

A Belgian style, maple flavored waffle with crisp pearl sugar. One side has the traditional waffle texture, while the other side is flat. The single flat side is perfect for sandwich creation to help deliver on the elevated need for grab & go options.

Our #1 Selling Pizza Crust

BONICI® Readi Rise™ Dough Pizza Self-Rising 14"

A frozen fully formed raw dough with live yeast that rises in the oven and creates the aroma of fresh-baked dough. The raised edge provides consistent application of sauce and toppings. No proofing required--use frozen or thaw slightly.

Our #1 Selling Cinnamon Twirl

Pillsbury™ Best™ Place & Bake™ Twirl Dough Cinnamon 5 oz

Unique biscuit-like dough in a cinnamon flavor differentiates from traditional cinnamon rolls, and delivers a scratch made appearance. Freezer-to-oven format requires no thawing or proofing for convenient back-of-house preparation.

Our #1 Selling Scone

Pillsbury™ Place & Bake™ Frozen Scone Dough Variety Pack Fruit Flavors 3.75 oz

Unique dual-texture with a soft, moist muffin-like interior and a crispy outer crust. Freezer-to-oven format requires no prep, no skilled labor and has minimal waste. Variety pack includes apple cinnamon, blueberry and white chunk raspberry flavors.

C-Store Food Service Trends


June Menu Trends: “Scuffins”

“Scuffins” (scone + muffin mash-up) are a creative and delightfully unexpected addition to your bakery menu. Check out our three takes on the hottest trend.


May Menu Trends: Pull-Apart Breads

Use Pillsbury™ frozen doughs to create pull-apart breads that range from sweet to savory.


April Menu Trends: Mouth-Watering Brownies

Use Pillsbury™ frozen doughs to create pull-apart breads that range from sweet to savory.

Resources for C-stores


Try Our Profitability Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how profitable your business can be using our products.


Ways To Save

View the latest food service rebates available to C-Store Retailers utilizing the link below.

Case Study

Foodservice Study: Playing the Long Game

Read about convenience store operators' investments in prepared food and the long journey ahead to ensure success.